Friday, February 24, 2017

Pregnancy Recaptured

While many women get to experience the full 9 months of pregnancy, my journey was cut a bit short. Our little one simply could not wait to meet us, so exactly 4 weeks before my estimated due date of January 18th, we were blessed with our new bundle of joy.

I didn't take a daily photo to document my growing baby bump (seriously, who has time for that?) and turn it into a 3 minute time lapse video for all to see, but I was hoping to squeeze in a few more photos before the big push. As is evident of our oopsie baby, life often has other plans, and the early delivery was no exception. So, this was the last photo taken a few days prior while on a leisurely stroll through Sunol.

Truth be told, my pregnancy wasn't perfect, but it certainly wasn't awful either. I wasn't one of those women who love, love, LOVED being pregnant and made sure everyone around her knew about it, but I also didn't hate it. Let's just say it had its own set of challenges - like enduring several scares early on when I thought we may lose our little one, for example, or coming to terms with the fact that I had to let go of my stubborn nature in the later months and avoid moving heavy items by myself. Challenges aside, I found I greatly enjoyed the quiet moments of pregnancy the most. The moments where it was just me and baby - I'd be kickin' back and she'd be kickin' around.

In hindsight, I really did enjoy being with child more than I thought I did while I was going through it. I absolutely viewed my pregnancy as a gift, but I didn't feel an overwhelming need to draw attention to myself. When others were ordering drinks, I ordered water without the explanation, "because I'm pregnant." We shared the news with family and close friends, but I didn't make it Facebook official right away. When I finally posted it in October, it was more or less out of a sense of obligation so friends and family could talk about it freely on the interwebs. This was my first pregnancy and I felt like this journey was deeply personal and something I wanted to keep close to me. Airing every second of it over the internet was not how I wanted to spend my time. Instead I preferred to spend it with my beau, enjoying every little moment. This was the next chapter of our lives in the book of adulthood and I wasn't going to let anyone try to spoil it.


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