Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Baby on the Brain

I've got baby on the brain. 

And for good reason, too...

Because I have a baby in my belly. 

And this time I'm not talking about a food baby either. 

There's a tiny baby bump there, I promise. 

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag within my own social circle, I don't have a problem sharing the big news with the interwebs - we are happily expecting our very own little creature! Of course we were planning to wait juuuust a smidgen longer, but sometimes your plan isn't the plan that is written in the stars. So we're starting a new chapter with this new grand adventure and it's no longer my biological clock that's ticking, but the countdown clock instead. With a mere 3 months to go, we still have a lot to do, but this little one is going to make a big entrance whether we're ready or not! 


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