Friday, January 1, 2016

There is melancholy in the wind and sorrow in the grass

Every year I suffer from the day after Christmas blues. The excitement and anticipation that leads up to the 25th is so strong that the 26th nearly leaves me in a puddle of tears. The decorations that brought so much joy and happiness come down and life returns to the same old humdrum routine. To be frank, it's depressing.

Though my emotions may try to get the best of me, I remember what a wise friend once told me - Christmas is the last thing we look forward to each year and when it's over, we have a fresh start. It's this perspective that helps me to squash those feelings of sorrow and gaze upon the bright and shiny year ahead and the endless possibilities before me. So, as I start anew this January 1st, I leave behind any mistakes, mishaps, and misery that may have plagued me during 2015. Without the weight of those to hold me back, I will be able to carry the many treasured memories from the year before. And as I move forward into the unknown of 2016, I also carry with me the hope that this upcoming year will be filled with family and friends, an abundance of fun, and fanciful dreams come true.


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