Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Harvest Moon

I've always been fascinated with space as a whole, but the moon is especially intriguing to me. So, I took my camera out for a little nighttime photography and captured this little beauty of the 
Harvest Moon on September 8th. 

I'm hoping this brief photography session inspires me to break out my trusty old Pentax and snap some photos with film. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekends Recaptured.

Time flies when you're working hard and having the time of your life in between. While I do wholeheartedly support the 4-day work week, this will likely never happen any time soon for me on a permanent basis. At any rate, I have been maximizing the two days I do have off and I've been going virtually nonstop for the past few months. I was also clearly delusional when I thought I would be steadily posting again. Turns out working from 730AM-730PM is just a little exhausting. Anyway, here's a small glimpse of the playing I've been able to do in between working hard...

Micaela's Baby Shower

Toby Keith Concert

and a Meet and Greet with Colt Ford - and also ended up backstage chilling with some bandmates. 

Nana's Big Birthday Bash

Jenn's farewell party with a surprise twist - RACHEL. Reunited at last! 

An impromptu trip to Las Vegas

Complete with a pool party

4th of July Yachting

With the glorious Rachel

A little paddleboarding, a little kayaking, a whole lotta fun.

It was like herding cats at times, but totally worth it. 

But it didn't end there, because there was brunch, pool time, and then hiking

A's Game with a Stomper close-up

A gorgeous day in Half Moon Bay, complete with a dolphin sighting

A scenic drive

The Kings Mountain Art Fair

Vintage Costume Jewelry Trunk Show at the Ritz Carlton 

Acquired some sample fabrics and found inspiration for new art projects

And a little more paddleboarding - the view from the board

And the fun isn't about to stop there because I already have another trip lined up to go back up to Portland to meet Micaela's new bundle of joy, I'm saving up vacation time to visit Jenn in Hawaii, and of course I'm planning to have many more Bay Area adventures with Rachel.