Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beauty Spotlight

Shiseido IBUKI Refining Moisturizer

Photo from Sephora

Like so many deluxe samples I obtained before Birchbox, I got this one from Sephora way back in September. I initially started using it as a part of my nightly moisturizing routine, but when I realized it wasn't going to completely wreak havoc on my skin, I switched it up and started using it in the morning, too. While that routine was working, now I'm trying something new where I don't moisturize at all before bed, and it's doing ah-mazing things for my skin. I don't know if this Shiseido moisturizer has anything to do with it, but it seems to be working miracles.

First off, I have to warn you, it does have a perfumey smell to it. That said, I barely notice it anymore. This is a lightweight moisturizer that quickly absorbes into your skin without making it feel overly greasy. And while it does have soft reflecting powder particles in it (a fancy way of saying it has a shimmer), it isn't that noticeable unless you're inspecting your pores two inches from the mirror. While the claim is that it "instantly corrects the appearance of unevenness from visible pores, breakouts, blemish marks, and skin roughness," I have to argue that it's not that much of a miracle worker to banish those things in an instant. However, I do think that over time it has helped even out my skin and I'm far more comfortable going without makeup some days.

Overall, I love this moisturizer. I've had the full size product since December and I still haven't finished it up yet. For me, half a pump does the trick (and sometimes that's even a little much), so I'm probably saving a ton of it that way. If you have super dry skin, you might need something that moisturizes a little more, but otherwise, this might be the product for you!


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