Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Day Before Valentine's Day

With only one more day until St. Valentine's Day, or as the unattached like to say, Singles Awareness Day, I have my own celebration taking place a day early.

Today is my 6 year anniversary at work.


While most of my more serious romantic relationships tend to spoil around the 2-year mark, this could very well be considered my longest relationship to date. For a girl who didn't want to make a single year commitment at this place, I sure have stuck around for a long time.

Truth is, six years isn't even all that great since I won't receive another week of vacation until next year. So, it's really just another tally mark next to the five I've already carved into the underside of my desk. I hate to say it, but I honestly don't anticipate hitting the decade mark here. And it's not a fear of being fired or "let go," it's that I don't have the desire to spend so many more years in a job I don't love.

I've been applying to jobs here and there and sadly (or fortunately, whatever your POV is) I haven't heard back from any of them.

Of course any large company is going to have an extra large amount of applicants, but I've been hopeful. I've had a few things going in my favor while applying, but so far it's just been radio silence. Also, I'm sure my location is a negative factor in some of these applications since I have been applying all over and not just up here in the Bay Area. This next job I apply to might have better results, but I have no idea how much it pays and I'm not sure how much of a cut in pay I'd be willing to accept. I guess I better figure that out soon.

Anyway, it's not like anyone knows I've been working here for half a dozen years, so I'm going to celebrate when I get home with a big glass of vino.


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