Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The ABCs of Bartending

A few weeks ago I saw a Groupon for a bartending course. I immediately toyed with the idea of signing up, but I put it off, figuring it was just a fleeting thought and desire. Then I went up to Portland (more on that later!) and came home feeling like I just needed to do something. So, I went ahead and signed up for said course and I'm so glad I did.

From ABC Bartending website

This past weekend was a whirlwind of learning at ABC Bartending School. Thankfully, I paired up with Troy The Personal Trainer right off because it made the entire process a whole lot more enjoyable since we were able to help each other along the way when we weren't doing something right or when we needed a memory jog.

Now I knew the 8-hour days would be long, but I didn't realize quite how tired I was going to be on Saturday night when I got home. According to my friend Tom...

Now, I wasn't exactly bartending for the entire time, but I believe his statement to be entirely true. My oh my was I ready for bed as soon as I walked through the door. So, before I moved to my room and climbed into my cozy bed at 9PM, I made up some flashcards before I lost the will to do so. After I drifted off to sleep, I kid you not, I dreamt of drink recipes for the entire night. It turns out that kind of studying really paid off because I suddenly knew how to make the drinks that were troubling me. Seriously, if there were a way to study in my sleep like that ALL the time, I would be multilingual in NO time.

Anyway, Day Two seemed to fly by even more quickly than Day One and I even stayed a little late to do a walk through with the tropical drinks. Troy and I also started talking with a girl from up north, Katelyn The Future Eye Doctor, and she was fantastic. It was fun to have another person added to our team and it certainly helped us both because she just started training at work to be a bartender and gave us hope that we could potentially do the same.

I don't know if I'll be pursuing this avenue as a part-time job or not, but if I'm confident in my skills and if I pass the test, I'll likely look into it. A perk about this particular ABC Bartending school in San Leandro? The teacher, Kenny, gives you the opportunity to guest bartend at an actual bar. So while we're currently working with colored water in bottles in class, this will allow us to further our experience and also learn some things we can't possibly learn in a classroom setting, you know, like serving actual patrons.

I'm going to have to draw out my educational experience because I don't have the availability to finish the course this next weekend, but I'm going to make sure I study up so I don't forget any of the information I've already learned. Plus it'll give me extra time to really nail down those drink recipes in my sleep.


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