Monday, February 24, 2014

Lille, Little Bite Bake Shop

On Valentine's Day I entered a contest...and I won! I was just as shocked as anyone else because although I have won a few other contests in recent months (the SF Birchbloggers dinner and a Birchbox private movie screening), my good luck cup doesn't exactly runneth over.

Anyway, the contest was for the Lille, (pronounced lee-lah) Little Bite Bake Shop reaching 300 likes on Facebook. I had already sampled the Fleur De Sel Creme Caramels from a family friend, so I knew they were delicious, but I really didn't think I'd get picked. I still took the chance, liked the page, left a comment, and shared the post. The next day I found out I had won and I was ecstatic! Although I was even more excited when they actually arrived!

Laurel and Jennee are the mother/daughter team behind the Lille shop and they are quite talented! While I've only tasted these delectable candies, the presentation of all of their other treats is pretty impressive. I mean, check out the detail on this cake...

Photo from Facebook

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?!?

Or this holiday cake with tiny snowflakes and an impeccable poinsettia...

Photo from Facebook

They're almost too pretty to eat! And by almost, I mean they are beautiful, but I'd still eat each and every petal...after taking a photo for posterity. Honestly though, if their cakes taste half as good as they look, (or even half as good as the candies I won) they'll be doing just fine.

But back to the prize, these Fleur De Sel Creme Caramels are seriously amazing. They're soft and chewy, sweet with a little bit of sea salt and absolute perfection. I could eat the entire package in one sitting, but I'm practicing some self-control and making them last. After all, they're only available on holidays or special occasions so it's not like I can enjoy them whenever I want!

Thanks Lille Little Bite Bake Shop for sharing!!!


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