Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lego Magic

This past weekend the fam and I went to see The LEGO Movie. I don't generally gravitate towards animated films when going to movies, but it was dad's choice, so that's what we saw! Overall, I enjoyed the flick and I definitely had some laughs. It wasn't just a kids movie! And I'm not afraid to admit that after a few minutes in, it definitely made me miss my LEGOs! Especially that little shark.

I can honestly say I loved LEGOs more than Barbies and I think that was evident by how many more hours I would spend building anything and everything as opposed to how little I pulled out the dolls. There was just something so magical about LEGOs that I couldn't get enough of them. Maybe it was the endless possibilities, but I definitely loved those things. In fact, I'd like to think I was much like the tomboyish girl in this ad who was just having fun making something new with her interlocking blocks.

I may not have been a "master builder," but I definitely enjoyed the creative process, even though I know I was awfully particular about the way I wanted things to be. I guess not much has changed!


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