Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beauty Spotlight

It's no secret I adore Birchbox, but have you heard of Julep? Like Birchbox, it's a monthly box sent directly to your door, but instead of haircare, skincare, makeup, fragrances, etc., it's primarily nail polish or nail related products (it seems like they're branching out). Now I've only recently started painting my nails regularly, so while Birchbox is right up my alley, Julep isn't something I'm willing to invest in at the moment. My seester on the other hand, well, she's basically a nail polish connoisseur and my go-to manicurist.

Recently she painted my nails with Sadie, a dark, matte color with a sea salt finish. I fell in LOVE.

Photo from Julep

Julep describes it as a black lava sea salt finish, but quite frankly it reminds me of asphalt, which I strangely enjoy. It's got just enough glitter to keep me placated and just enough texture that it doesn't weird me when I absent-mindedly run my fingers over it. 

Also, it's crazy strong. I've talked about how nail polish doesn't really hold up too well on me, but two coats of this (even without a top coat) lasted 5+ days! A new record for me! Sometimes I'm lucky if a polish holds up 5 hours.  All in all, this is one of my favorite new polishes. Unfortunately, Julep has discontinued this particular sea color; however, if you go to their website and shop Nail Color, narrow the search by Finish and select Special Effects and then you'll find another sea salt version as well as a stardust finish, which is equally as enjoyable. 

Since I don't like to take no for an answer when I really want something, I did a little web searching and found an untested bottle for sale. It was reasonably priced and had free shipping, so I bought it! Best part is, now I won't have to steal my seester's bottle! 


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