Thursday, February 6, 2014

Almost Argyle

Yesterday I was doing a little online shopping on Gilt when I came across a sweater I absolutely loved. I don't gravitate towards argyle type patterns, but this one was oversized and more my style.

Photo from Gilt

It was a little pricey at $139, but I had a coupon code to take off another 30%. Even at just under a hundred dollars I felt it was a bit much, but my shopaholic side was kicking in and I would've bought it. Except after adding it to my basket, I went back to double check what it was made out of because I just had a feeling it was going to have some wool in it. I can't stand 5% wool, let alone 82%, so I said bye bye to that cute sweater and didn't look back.

Then, after work, my mom and I stopped by the Nordstrom Rack and I started looking for a much needed pair of black pants to replace the American Rag ones I donated. In the process, I naturally started browsing through the tops and that's when I magically discovered this little beauty from Halogen and I knew it was fate.

It wasn't too hard to convince myself I needed this sweater in my wardrobe. The price was right, too. At $24.97, it was a steal. How could I possibly say no?? Besides, I'm already wearing it and it's wonderful. 

As a general rule, I usually steer clear of anything that has wool, or angora, or cashmere, or anything animal fur related because no matter how soft it is, it generally irritates my sensitive skin, but the 5% cashmere in this sweater seems to be working out alright. So far so good! Maybe now I'll finally ditch the faded black sweater I haven't been able to part with!


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