Monday, January 20, 2014

Convenient Carnivore

I commend anyone who can stick to a strict vegan diet. I enjoy the organic half and half in my daily coffee and I don't particularly want to switch to soy in my occasional Chai latte. I also don't think I can substitute tofu or applesauce or bananas for eggs in my cookie recipe (although I may try it out one day just to be sure). I even commend those who are full time vegetarians. It takes dedication and sacrifice.

I come and go with my vegetarianism. I had been meat-free for months and months, but on my last birthday, I wanted a steak. My body was seemingly craving it. So instead of denying myself the meal, I satisfied the hankering. Of course this started a cycle of carnivorous meals, but eventually, I tired of it and returned to my grass grazing once more. I feel better when I omit meat from my diet, and while I prefer to dine on vegetarian cuisines, I'm not going to pitch a fit when I can't. Which is why I like to refer to myself as a convenient carnivore.

The bacon I fry up to make my Nana's baked beans recipe on Thanksgiving. 

For example, at my best friend's wedding several years ago, I ate fish. Why? Because I wasn't going to make a big stink about the fact that I wasn't eating any type of meat, poultry, or fish at that time. I didn't want her to have to go through the extra trouble of finding something that was suitable for me to eat - I was her guest and I wanted it to be easy-peasy. Not to mention there was likely enough stress from the upcoming wedding that it was absolutely ridiculous to make my eating habits an issue, so I graciously ate what was given to me. I didn't die. Later on that night I even said screw it and ate one of her barbecued ribs because it's my prerogative...and I was hungry.

Prior to the Birchbloggers dinner at The Cavalier, I had been quite the scrupulous vegetarian; however, I wasn't about to let my meatless ways deter my adventurous side from sampling some really fantastic dishes that night. Instead I dug into the appetizers and let the fancy flavors dance upon my taste buds and I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. In fact, there were quite a few dishes I would not have ordinarily tried, but discovered a newfound liking to them (like the venison tartare...mmmm).

Anyway, it's not that I don't possess the ability or dedication or the determination to be completely vegetarian, it's just that I don't believe it's wrong to eat meat every now and again. I would love to give up animal products completely because I do have quite a few gigantic issues with big agriculture business and the treatment of animals in general, but for right now I'm sticking with the way I am. More often than not, I'm indulging in a vegetarian diet, but if I'm a guest at your home, I'm not going to turn my nose up at a meal...unless you've made meatloaf, and then I'm afraid I will simply be unable to force it down.


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