Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hollingworth Candies

It's that time of year again - the time of year when vendors start sending Christmas goodies to their customers. Every year I wait ever so patiently for one of our suppliers in Chicago to send us a Christmas treat in the form of a box of toffee. When it finally arrives (and it's usually the first edible gift of the season), I naturally try to hide it and hoard it for myself, but alas, it is the season of giving and sharing. While I do enjoy seeing the pure joy on the faces of those who sample the deliciousness that is this toffee, I do still have to suppress the urge to be completely and totally selfish.

This delectable toffee treat has changed the way I view toffee candy forever. If you think Almond Roca has tasty toffee, you won't ever want to pick up a piece again because Hollingworth Candies' product outshines them all. Even See's.

Hollingworth Candies has basically altered the course of my life...

I can BARELY contain myself when I open up this box...I'm actually impressed that I was able to keep myself composed long enough to snap not one, but two photos. 

The Signature Toffee is the only variation I've ever tried, but it's the only one I really need because it is pure perfection. The way I first described it after tasting the magic a few years ago was, "Soft, but crunchy." Seems a little like an oxymoron, but it's true. Even after pulling out a refrigerated piece, it's still hard, but you're not likely to break any teeth on it because it has a soft, crunchy quality to it. It's difficult to convey the peculiar nature of the toffee until you've truly experienced it, but trust me, you want to take the leap and indulge. In fact, once you taste it, you may never want to purchase toffee from anywhere else ever again. And while I realize that is a bold statement, I honestly would give up eating any of the See's candy that appears in our office if I could eat every last bit of the Hollingworth toffee. And THAT speaks volumes. 


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