Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beauty Spotlight

You know when a product is so wonderful you wonder how you lived without it for so long? 
That's how I feel about this Benefit miracle: 

The POREfessional. 

Photo from Sephora

On one of my visits with Raye, we got to talking about beauty products and she introduced me to this priceless balm in a tube. She told me was that it basically makes your pores disappear...Ummmm, what??? SERIOUSLY?!? I was hooked before I had even tried it out. It sounded too good to be true, so I naturally bombarded her with questions while I tried to iron out what this stuff was and how to use it.

Once I got over the fact that it wasn't a product I had to use under my foundation and that I could apply it over my foundation without noticing it (it still boggles my mind a bit), I immediately started to figure out the next time I could make it into Sephora to get a sample. I was still in a bit of denial about how well this would work, but one finger dipped into the sample pot and I was a goner. The full size product was about to land a permanent spot in my bathroom cupboard.

The first time I used it, I applied it under my foundation, but I quickly realized that Raye had the right idea about using it over the foundation. It just works better (of course you can use it before and after for added pore-erasing potential). I use a little dab around the sides of my nose and out towards my cheekbones and my skin looks flawless. If your pores don't seemingly disappear completely, they will be seriously diminished. And that's no joke. A little goes a long way, so you do still need to be careful about using too much or you might notice some streaking. The balm only comes in one color (which is a nude hue), so I'm not sure how it works on darker skin tones, but my guess is that it pretty much does the same thing as it does with mine - vanishes without a trace and leaves your skin looking amazing.

On the days when I have to leave the house but I don't feel like putting on a full face of makeup or even so much as a BB creme, I dab a bit of The POREfessional here and there and it's like my skin has been lightly airbrushed.

My seester even tried it and was shocked by how well it worked. I sent her home with a sample to try at her leisure since I had already received my full size product and I think she was caught off guard by how cool this product is. Of course my sis doesn't need to wear a lick of makeup ever, so she doesn't need it, but I think she'll be able to use it from time to time, too. If you don't believe me about how well this stuff works, try it for yourself. Sephora is pretty generous with their samples, so they should give you enough to use for at least a week, though I found my sample lasted much, much longer.


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