Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beauty Spotlight

I mentioned Bumble and Bumble's Texture way back when, but I never really got into using it too much. Then one day I decided to add it into my hair routine and I've been using it virtually non stop for the past few weeks.

Texture is kind of a tricky product. Too much makes my hair super crunchy, too little won't hold the curl like I want. It's a delicate balancing act, but once you master it, it's fantastic.

First of all, my hair is naturally straight. Over time it has developed a slight wave, which I try to capitalize on from time to time when I don't feel like drying my hair completely, but more often than not it's pretty dang straight. The wave has the potential to stay all day if I do things right, but sometimes I just want effortlessly curly, voluminous hair. Since I knew standard curly hair products weren't really going to work (think gel or mousse), I gave Texture a whirl. It's a winner.

My hair is more wavy than curly, but that's because I didn't use quite as much product. If I use a bit more, the curls stay a little tighter.

I start off with a quarter size amount and work it into my hair. I've found for me that it's best if I scrunch my hair as I do it because the curl really starts to take hold instantly. Once I've applied the desired amount, I snap on the diffuser to my hair dryer and I go to town to scrunch and dry. The outcome is exactly as I desire - curls without a curling iron.

For some reason, it seems as though making my hair curly takes less time than blow drying it straight and though it's probably not true, at least I'm enjoying doing my hair. Maybe I just like the wild, slightly unkempt look that come along with my having curly locks, but it's definitely a nice change.

From what I can tell, this crazy sticky goo does the trick with giving hair that "undone-yet-tone quality, with a hint of grit, extra lift and a tousled, shine-free finish." The results are there. One reason I like the matte finish is because it doesn't lend any extra shine so I don't have to worry about greasy looking hair. Besides, the tousled look is nearly always welcome in my day-to-day appearance. I also know this stuff works exceptionally well when it comes to keeping updos in tact without a ton of flyaways or bobby pins. Need a quick and easy bun? Look no further than a dab of Texture. Just keep in mind you should use it on wet/damp hair.

Despite loving this product, there are some drawbacks. This isn't exactly a hair product that results in soft, tangle-free hair. So if you're the type of person who needs to run a comb through your hair or nervously run your fingers through it, you will be disappointed. That said, it isn't impossible to give your hair that lift, wiggle, and flip at your roots because I find myself doing that throughout the day. Also, it has a tendency to dry my hair out a bit. Though it seems to have the biggest effect on my overly processed ends, the rest of my hair certainly seems a bit parched by the end of the night and screaming for conditioner the next morning. It isn't anything your normal shampoo and conditioner can't handle because after a wash, my mane is back to normal.

So my overall verdict? I love Texture. It's a product that is simple to use, gives me the look I want, and is versatile. Hair up or hair down, this tacky creme hasn't let me down. I don't even use hair spray after I use it to make my hair curly. I'm going to continue to use this product and experiment with it along the way by blow drying and trying it out with curlers, scrunching and letting my hair air dry (in the warmer months of course), and using just a dab on my roots to give my hair some extra lift on days when I don't feel like using it all over. Oh, the possibilties!


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