Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Cavalier SF

So I mentioned last week how I was invited to the San Francisco Birchbloggers dinner, but what I didn't delve into was how freaking amazing the food was because I felt that deserved a separate post. The Cavalier, a British inspired restaurant, has only been open a few months, but it's already secured a place in my heart and in my stomach. The bar area was cozy and quite packed when I arrived, but I did manage to secure a place at the bar itself. The blonde bartender, whose name I seem to have forgotten, was incredibly sweet and made me the perfect gin & tonic.

After leaving the bar with appetizer recommendations, I was escorted into the dining area which was decorated with dark, leather booths, a hunting scene mural, dim lighting, and perfectly "weathered" wood floors. I found the ambiance to be The restaurant even brought out complimentary champagne, though that was after we had already ordered our drinks. I stuck with gin and ordered a Bramble, which was just as tasty as I had hoped it would be. 

I put my vegetarian lifestyle on hold for the evening because I didn't want to be the person who suddenly had dietary restrictions and I wanted to be able to fully enjoy the items on the menu. Besides, I do eat meat on occasion, but those occasions are very few and far between. This was one of those such occasions. So we dined on the Hen Egg Hollandaise,  Lamb Scrumpets, Venison Tartare, an autumn salad, and the Deviled Crab and Rock Shrimp. Oh, and of course there was the quaint quail egg that was brought out on the house, which was quite exceptional. I never knew quail eggs could be so delicious.

The Tartare, which was by far my favorite appetizer. 

From there we each ordered our own entrees and while I was pretty certain I was going to order the Wild Mushroom Pie prior to my arrival, I was still thinking about the Fish & Chips. The server gave me the nudge I needed and I landed on the fish. I am so happy I made that choice, not only because french fries are one of my favorite foods in the entire world, but also because the aïoli was to die for. Seriously. Besides adding it to every bite of fish, I kept dipping my fries in them. It was that good. The fish was absolutely perfectly prepared and the salad added just a touch of tang to keep my tastebuds satisfied. I didn't even mind the presence of peas and that speaks volumes.

I wanted to eat it all, but I just couldn't. 

The food continued to get better as we ordered dessert (my favorite meal at any given time of the day) and we indulged in and shared the Chocolate Dèlice, the Double Crusted Crumble, and the Steamed Pudding. Anything with a "crumble" immediately skyrockets to the top of my list, and I have to say I liked that one the best.

I left the restaurant feeling satisfied not only by the company I kept that evening, but also from the fabulous food. It was a place I'd actually feel comfortable dining in alone. Well, at the bar anyway. The Cavalier did not disappoint and I will absolutely add this establishment to my list of favorite SF eateries.


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