Saturday, November 9, 2013

Simple Pleasures

I started doing Simple Pleasures a couple of years ago to remind myself to appreciate the little things in life and also to reming myself that no matter how many bad days I've had, that life is good. Yesterday, I was having one of those days where I was feeling highly annoyed, incredibly irritated, and all around pessimistic regarding just about anything. Literally, the only thing I could possibly feel thankful for in those moments was the fact that it was Friday and the last work day before the weekend. That was the silver lining to my bad mood.

I realize I could have dug a little deeper to find things to be grateful for, but I didn't have it in me yesterday. I also realize those are the times I should really be posting because it will likely change my outlook on the day, but I was fully content in wallowing in my own displeasure.

Yes, I was (and still am) breathing and I acknowledge this as a good thing, but the second my last commenter told me to keep a positive attitude, I sort of just wanted to punch him in the face (no offense). I was having a bad day and I was fine with it. I wasn't posting it as a way for someone to try and cheer me up. I'm fully capable of doing that myself. At least while being fed up with the annoyances of the past few days I was able to find something that was positive. I wasn't being a total Debbie Downer. In fact, if I had just had the ability to withdraw from everything and everyone for a few hours, I probably would have emerged a happier, more balanced person. Today, I was able to enjoy the silence for a few hours and I can honestly say it's exactly what I needed.


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