Sunday, November 24, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Gosh I've been slacking in the Simple Pleasures department. I start them and I don't finish them in time to post on Friday. Or I lose steam, so by the time Friday evening rolls around, I'm even more exhausted. Anyway, Sundays seem to have a lot going for them in terms of how thankful I feel about things, so here are my simple pleasures...

A "New" Phone

Don't mind the orbs...

I still have an iPhone 4. Even though I could have upgraded last year, I opted not to. I also could have upgraded this year, but I'm holding out until the iPhone 6 rolls out next year. Since my trusty cover began to break on the sides, I tossed it and fished out an older one I kept around "just in case." I wasn't too fond of it anymore, so while I was out shopping the other day, I decided to look for a new one. This is the one that made the cut. If Jessica Day can have a bunny cover on her phone, why can't I have a turtle/baby dinosaur on mine? Besides, it was $5 and it's totally fun.


Just the beginning...

Baking soothes my soul. I suppose that's why I spent the majority of Saturday in the kitchen making a big ol' mess. Actually, to be truthful, the mess I made wan't as bad as it usually is and I came out with a ton of delicious cookies. Also, I got to use the Pampered Chef mat which made everything so much easier.

A Delivery

Inside, Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

When I ordered the full size Liz Earle face wash from the October Birchbox, I was pretty excited to receive it. That is, until I received an email telling me it was backordered. But to make things better, Birchbox gave me 100 extra points, which translates into $10 to spend at the shop. Now THAT is quality customer service. Seriously. Well, it finally arrived and I'm still just as thrilled with the product as I was when I first reviewed it. Maybe even more. Besides, getting a package in the mail still thrills me even when I already know what's inside.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Tomorrow is Monday and I'm dreading it as always, but at least I'll get a little bit of a break with Thanksgiving just around the corner!


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