Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Potential Christmas Wish List

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I'm finding it harder and harder to resist the urge to listen to Christmas music right now. So far I've managed to hold off, but I guarantee that I'll be jamming out to some holiday tunes while I'm helping my mom get the bread ready for the stuffing/dressing the night before Thanksgiving. It's sort of a tradition. And since it's been Christmas inside Costco since before Halloween, I think it'll be alright.

So, while I haven't had many things I've been dying to add to my life, here are some gift ideas I wouldn't mind receiving as my "big" gift for Christmas...

MICHAEL Michael Kors Coat

I already have this wonderful jacket in orange, and while I do love it, I would like to have one in a more versatile color, like black. Right now it's on sale, so that's even better. And if the price isn't as low in stores, just show them the online price and Macy's will match it. Doesn't get much better than that.

Karl Lagerfeld '7' Watch

It's pretty rare for me to leave the house without a watch. While I do switch between my Michael Kors and my Betsey Johnson watches, I do wish I had a nice gold tone watch. I used to have a knock off MK watch that I picked up from Target, but once I had the real thing, I didn't even bother to put it back on again so I passed it on to someone else. This Karl Lagerfeld watch is both beautiful and classy and at 36mm it's the perfect size for my tiny wrist. There is a larger option at 44mm, but that's far too oversized for my liking.

A Bicycle

Photo from Trek

Now I'm not planning on doing a ton of mountain biking or a ton of road biking, but I would like a bicycle so I can do something. I really haven't had my own bike since the hand-me-down Schwinn I got way back when. Luckily for me I have awesome parents who got a custom paint job to make it brand new and just for me. The color I chose? Bright green. Not unlike the color of my latest phone case or the details on this one. Anyway, I've never ridden a bike I liked more than that one, but I'm thinking I'd like one that has the best of both worlds - road and mountain capabilities. I don't need a full suspension bike, so one that's similar to this would be perfect. Well, at least I think it would be. And yes, I realize this is a man's bike and not a woman's. I prefer boy bikes.

I could be wrong, but I feel like I'm a fairly easy person to shop for. And more often than not I'm going to love what someone gets me because it really is the thought that counts. But if you're still having trouble, when in doubt, there's always some interesting ideas on Pinterest...or the guitar from last year's list. 


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