Thursday, November 14, 2013

Delivery Man Bonus Birchbox

The Delivery Man movie screening was a great way to promote Birchbox and introduce their products to people who maybe haven't tried them before. By allowing the ticket winners to bring a guest, Birchbox was opening up their potential customer base. Especially on the man's side since there were a fair amount of gentlemen in attendance. I actually wish I has asked for a man's box instead so I could have passed it along to someone who could be interested. C'est la vie. Maybe next time.

I was a little surprised to see there were only four items in there as opposed to 5, but considering the size of each of the samples, I wasn't even upset about it. I already have a sample of Folle de Joie from last month's box, but the other items I haven't had the opportunity to experience until now.

Evologie Stay Clear Cream

Photo from Birchbox

It's part of an all-natural skincare program that is free of parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, and alcohol, which is great. I've already used it a few times, but I have to say this is a face cream that I'll only be using at night. While it was fairly light and seemed to be hydrating, I did find that it didn't absorb into my skin completely and seemed to leave a film. For a night application it's not as big of a deal because I'm going to wash my face again in the morning, but when I tried to put makeup on over it in the morning, the residue seemed to start clumping and that's not attractive. A little unsettling, so I washed my face and used my regular moisturizer. I'm still giving this product a shot at night since I felt like there were a few problem areas of my skin that may have benefited from it, but I'll stick with my usual product for my morning routine. Verdict: After 8 hours of wear during the night there was less residue, so I do feel like it could have some redeeming qualities. Overall it's good for night, bad for mornings and makeup. A little goes a long way, so less is more with this product. 

Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner

Photo from Birchbox

I love when I can try a shampoo and a conditioner together to really get the full effect of the products. Right away I loved the scent of them both, which made it great from the get go. The other benefits? This a vegan product that is without sulfates. I've used Pureology for years, but these two items are are a little more economical and almost seems to work better. At least that's how I felt after the first and second uses. My wet hair was not tangled at all when I ran a brush through it and as I dried it, I could feel just how soft it was going to be when I was done. Not only was my hair soft, but it was also silky and shiny. I can't even begin to describe just how hydrated my locks looked, especially the last few inches of my hair that have been subjected to two bleach washes. I'd probably still use a clarifying shampoo once a week like I usually do, but I'm already in love with this duo. Verdict: These are products worth investing in. They smell wonderful, make your hair look fabulous, and they're cruelty free. Truly a purchase you can feel great about. 

It's a little curious that I haven't tired of talking about Birchbox yet. Maybe it's because they have introduced me to so many new brands that I'm still in a state of wonderment. Or maybe it's because I like the surprise of what's inside in each month, but I have a feeling this is a company I'm going to be passionate about for a while. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be receiving my November Birchbox in the mail today because I can't hardly wait! 


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