Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Boycott

In the same way that I don't believe in getting a flu shot, I don't believe in shopping on Black Friday. And, in what was dubbed "Gray Thursday," I also don't support retailers opening up their doors early on Thanksgiving. I just don't think it's right. I'm sure there are some employees who love the overtime or holiday pay, but I'd like to think there are more who would rather spend the time with their families rather than deal with the masses. So, in my great stand against stores being open on our day of thanks, I refused to go get my Starbucks beverage yesterday morning despite how badly I wanted one.  

If I am going to do any holiday shopping today, you better believe I'll be doing the online variety in the comfort of my own home, beneath a cozy blanket, in front of the fire while sipping on some tea or hot cocoa. I'll have Christmas music softly playing in the background and I will be savoring the quiet, calm atmosphere rather than the chaos and aggressiveness that the outside world holds on this dreadful day. 

Whatever you decided to do today, I hope that there were more people who got to stay home today and enjoy an extended weekend rather than who had to work. 


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