Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beauty Spotlight

When it comes to bronzers, I instantly fell in love with NARS bronzing powder in Laguna. Then this started happening...

Every beauty lover's nightmare...seeing the bottom of the compact.

I continued to use it and tried to focus on using the right side, but eventually tragedy struck and I was left with a crumbly mess. It's still usable, but I can no longer tote it around in the makeup bag I keep in my purse. So, instead of going out to buy a new one, I decided to try one I had received just before summer in the Sephora Sun Safety Kit.

Enter my new favorite matte bronzer....

Based on the gold font chipping, you can tell it's been in my makeup bag

Too Faced in Chocolate Soleil

When I first swiped my brush across this bronzer and applied it my cheeks, I immediately thought, "Oh my gosh, this smells like CHOCOLATE!" A quick flip of the case revealed that Too Faced Matte Bronzing Powder is made with REAL cocoa. What does that mean? It means that every time I use it, I am met with the sweet scent of cocoa and it absolutely makes my morning. I am a chocoholic after all! While I thought it might be a bit dark for me, it turns out it isn't too bad when I top it off with a finishing powder that tones it down just enough to make it look more natural.

This is definitely a bronzer I will repurchase because it's officially part of my no-makeup makeup routine. It's also something I've been enjoying wearing during the fall because it's lack of sparkle makes it seem more appropriate for the current season and also for the upcoming winter. I haven't ditched my NARS bronzer completely, but for now, I'll be thinking about having a nice hot cup of cocoa every time I wear this particular Too Faced bronzer.


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