Monday, November 4, 2013

Beauty Spotlight

I have so much fun sampling and using new beauty products, which is why I have a monthly subscription to Birchbox. Also, my well documented Sephora obsession has also proved beneficial in discovering new products. Occasionally, however, I stumble across an item I never knew I even wanted.

Like this Dior foundation brush. 

In the past I used the square foundation brush from MAC, but it always seemed to leave lines behind and never blended quite like I wanted it to. And as much as some people claim they get even coverage by applying foundation with their fingertips, I'd just rather not, so I returned to my tried and true latex-free, disposable makeup sponges from Target. They were great and they did the trick. Eventually, however, I began to feel like I was wasting foundation because of how much was being absorbed into the sponge. More than that, I was also feeling incredibly guilty by how wasteful I was being because they were a one-time use sponge going directly into the trash each day. Then, I discovered the Dior 'Backstage Foundation Full Coverage' Fluid Brush and it completely changed the way I do my makeup.

The brush is sturdy, yet soft, and allows me to evenly apply my makeup - every single time. The handle fits perfectly in my hand and allows me to have impeccable control. I squirt a small amount of foundation onto the back of my hand, dip my brush in, and apply it onto my face in a circular motion. It never fails to go on evenly and it does exactly what it claims by giving you results that, "combine a natural look with perfect coverage." Whether I'm doing my "no makeup" makeup, or using it to build up to a flawless full coverage face, this is my go-to brush. It might be a little pricey, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm not only saving myself money by not having to buy makeup sponges, but I'm also resting easier because it's reusable and I'm cutting back on wasteful products. I'm still not thrilled about cleaning my brushes, but it's something I'd have to do anyway, so why not add one more to the mix? If you're looking for a new foundation brush, I highly suggest giving this one a try. It's become a staple in my makeup bag. 


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