Monday, October 28, 2013

The Viceroy Palm Springs

Let me just start off by saying that the website sold me on this place immediately. There's something about the black/white/yellow color combination that appeals to my senses. Of course the decorative mirrors and light fixtures do as well. From there it was a matter of appealing to the tastes of my sister...and in this case, it was the food. She's a far pickier eater than I am, despite my being mostly vegetarian, and while I may lean toward an unusual menu with complex flavors, her tastebuds crave more simple items. We pretty much narrowed it down to two places, and the Viceroy Palm Springs won out.

It was a little different than I had imagined based on the photos I had seen, but isn't that the case with most places? The main pool area off of the bar was where we spent our days sunbathing and floating in the water. We could have ventured to the standard lap pool, which may have provided us with extended sun time, but the ambiance of this particular space was more appealing. Not to mention, we had easy access to our room from there and our balcony was visible from our lounge chairs. The pool servers were friendly without being pushy about ordering food or drinks, and the bartender, Jon, was the staff member we saw the most and who was genuinely friendly and personable.

Photo from my seester

Photo from my seester

Photo from my seester

Between the killer french fries, the spacious shower and divine hair products (Neil George), the Gin & Sins, and the close proximity to the main street, the Viceroy Palm Springs is definitely a great place to stay. My only complaint about the entire place is that you can hear your neighbors closing/slamming their closet doors. All they need to do is put some rubber stoppers or felt pads on the corners of those doors and I wouldn't have anything to complain about!

I'm definitely looking forward to my next Palm Springs vacation. I just wish I could return a little bit sooner. 


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