Friday, October 25, 2013

Simple Pleasures

I woke up this morning and had to ask if it was actually Friday because I honestly wasn't sure if it was or not. Needless to say, when the answer was, "yes," I instantly perked up. And that was even before I had my first cup of coffee! Anyway, I've got some things planned for the weekend and I'm excited to get dressed up (not in a Halloween way, but maybe afterward), and shake my groove thang. Here are this week's simple pleasures.

A Celebration of Love
Photo found here

That's right! A wedding. I can already hear the church bells...just kidding, it's at a country club. I'm excited to see the lovely bride-to-be tie the knot with her longtime beau and of course I always enjoy a chance to don a dress and some high heels and get all gussied up. Since I still haven't worn the color block, high low hem dress I originally bought for my reunion, it's the current frontrunner for the occasion. Also, following the reception it's possible I'll be meeting up with some other friends in the downtown area for some Halloween-esque fun, so I may have to do some creative undead type makeup on the fly or pop in some fangs for an instant costume. 

An Unfortunate Fortune

The shopaholic in me didn't really care to see this fortune emerge from my cookie. Especially since I had just bought a new pair of shoes the previous day. Did I need them? Not exactly, but they were on sale! And they were super cute! And I already envisioned what I would be wearing with them. Besides, I've been looking for a pair of bright colored sneakers and these ones seemed to fit the bill. 

Photo found here

Since I mentioned them above, I might as well share them entirely. These are the new sneakers I purchased at DSW earlier this week. They aren't exactly work appropriate, but they are perfect for the upcoming weekend. I fully intend on taking advantage of the sunshine to pair my new footwear with a light, breezy tee. And of course a hoodie since I'll probably be cold.


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