Wednesday, October 30, 2013

San Francisco Birchbloggers Dinner

When I found out I was selected to be one of the four Birchbloggers invited to a San Francisco dinner hosted by a couple of members from Birchbox, I was so excited. And shocked - I never get to do things like this! So, I confirmed my attendance and immediately began to plan what I was going to wear (naturally). An 8PM dinner is later than I usually care to eat, but I wasn't about to let that sway me away from going. What's one late dinner in the grand scheme of things?? Because it was later, I opted to drive rather than take BART since I'd rather be in my car at 11PM instead of riding a late night train. Turns out it was better that way since I got home well before the train would have dropped me off anyway.

I arrived at The Cavalier half an hour early and posted up at the bar where I passed the time talking with the gentleman seated beside me about food, cars, art, and professions. He was pleasant company and even though he ultimately added my gin & tonic onto his tab (despite my objection), the gesture was without strings - meaning, he didn't ask me for my number as we parted ways when he went outside for a cigarette and I went to search for the dinner party. It was rather refreshing. Who said chivalry is dead? We simply enjoyed a friendly conversation - a lost art, I do believe. I was thankful for his kindness and also for his appetizer recommendations, but more on that later.

There were two seats remaining at the table when I walked up, but I ended up being the last girl there. One of the other bloggers was a no show, but it wasn't a big deal because we all had such a great time. Sarah and Anisa, who both live in the city, were the other bloggers chosen for the dinner and they were fantastic company. Rachel and Alta who work for Birchbox were all I hoped they would be and much more. I casually moved the pretty teal bag sitting on the empty seat I was meant to claim, and while I wanted to rip open the Birchbox that was tucked inside, I maintained my composure and held out until the end.

The Birchbloggers: Not the greatest photo of me, but it was late and I was tired. C'est la vie!

The evening was truly fabulous. It was like a little VIP experience with a company I am completely and totally passionate about. It was an honor to be there and I loved interacting with everyone. While we did discuss beauty products, it wasn't all about that all the time. It was almost like we were 5 girlfriends getting together for dinner and it was such a good feeling; one I can honestly say I haven't had in a really long time while hanging out with a group of girls. They were friendly, genuine, and people I could definitely spend time with again. Of course Rachel and Alta are New Yorkers now, but Sarah and Anisa are right on the other side of the bay. Not too far! Being invited to this truly made a difference to me in so many ways. 

Of course I'll be reviewing the items in the box I received, but the even bigger surprise was that Anisa, who had been chosen as a winner of the Ruffian manicure contest, shared her Ruffian trio box prizes with us. I was completely blown away by her selflessness! She could have given them to anyone or kept them all for herself, but she chose to share them with us and now I can't wait to repaint my nails and show them off! 

All in all, thank you Birchbox for your generosity in putting this together and connecting with your customers on a personal level. Thank you Rachel and Alta for being such amazing women, making me feel welcome, and for simply taking the time to meet with us. Thank you Sarah and Anisa for being so friendly and warm, and for sharing your stories. I will not be forgetting this night any time soon and I hope we can all reconnect sometime. In the meantime, I'll certainly be looking forward to more BBxSanFran events in the future! 


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  1. So great meeting you!! Let's definitely get together again.