Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recaptured.

This weekend was pretty fantastic.

Saturday was amazing. I couldn't have been happier that, on the last day of summer, it was pouring down rain by the middle of the morning. It eventually cleared up and it turned into a pretty nice day, but for those four hours, I was in heaven.

I had a quick meeting in the morning, stopped by Starbucks for my Chai latte, and then awaited my seester's arrival. We had big go play bingo! And not just any bingo, BLINGO BINGO.

Blingo Bingo is a little get together for Park Lane reps to show off the new line of jewelry and give away some great pieces from their other lines. Not only is there a chance to win with bingo (which riddles me with anxiety every time I get close to winning), they also have a raffle so you can pick and choose the pieces you hope to win. I focused my energies on two very specific pieces and...I won BOTH. Saturday was my day and I made out like a bandit. Not only did I win an early bird raffle (for those who arrived on time), but I got great pieces all for a $20 gamble.

The French Silk Necklace - Retail $60

The Go Glam Multi-Strand Bib Necklace - Retail $198

And of course every time I won something, I had to put it on. 

Sunday was also a fabulous day and I spent the afternoon at my friend's bridal shower and got to meet some of her closest friends. Thankfully, they were all super sweet. I can't stand when I go to a function and I have to deal with a bunch of catty bitches. I thanked my lucky stars the entire time I was there that they were a good group of girls and I wondered why more girls couldn't act like this on a regular basis. Anyway, I digress. Back to the main event... 

The shower took place at a quaint tea shop in Niles called, Thyme for Tea

The tea was fine (I'm a little picky) and the food was both fresh and delicious, but the best part was seeing L looking so happy and grown up. She dazzled in a blue dress and blue floral heels, complete with a small lace head piece and fingerless lace gloves. She looks far better than I do in this photo, but hey, she's the guest of honor! 

Her party favors were absolutely adorable, too - measuring spoons and a seriously cute teapot timer.  

I usually dread weekends that are jam packed with things to do, but this weekend was the perfect blend of activities and down time. I was exhausted when Sunday evening rolled around, but that just meant I slept like a baby last night.


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