Friday, August 23, 2013

Simple Pleasures

I started Simple Pleasures as a way for me to stop thinking about all of the chaotic things going on in my life and start appreciating the simple things. There's always a silver lining! Whether it's a person, a candy bar, an acting opportunity, or just enjoying the weather it's a reminder to enjoy the blessings I have around me no matter what curveballs life is hurling my way. 

A Cat Video

This is a little more involved than the cat GIF I posted way back when, but I found it to be oddly entertaining and did not regret spending those 3 minutes of my life watching these cool cats. 

NARS Makeup
I'm a bit of a beauty addict, so when something says "Limited Edition" it immediately increases my likelihood of purchasing the product. Terrible for me. Brilliant for them. I'm already a fan of NARS' Orgasm Blush, so this little number gives me some more of that, but also 3 other colors that seemingly make up its famous hue. 

Niles Flea Market
Okay, so it's officially called the Annual Antique Faire and Flea Market, but whatever. I'm determined not to miss it this year. I went last year and came home with a comic book. And even though it's going to be CRAZY there with swarms of people, how can I miss it?? Who knows what unnecessary treasure I may discover! If I do find something, it's gotta be something I can't live without because I'm already limited on space. Maybe a funky bauble or a unique ring. That'd be easy to hide!


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