Monday, August 19, 2013

Review Time

I wasn't able to fully review the Birchbox I got on Thursday until Friday morning and the weekend, but let's just say, I was fairly pleased with the rest of the products.

Just to recap: 

Party Proof Lipstick in Dusk Till Dawn: Keeper
Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes: Meh. I could do without.

Photo from Birchbox
So, Friday morning I tore open the shampoo sample of Miss Jessie's Original Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo and used about half of it. It was strange. The scent was great, but it was a little slimy. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it was just something I wasn't used to. When I rubbed it between my hands and pulled them apart, it was literally like slime with threads of shampoo clinging to both of my palms. It was unusual to say the least. Lathering it into my hair was initially a little tricky because it seemed to want to stay on my scalp and not move through the rest of my hair. I added a little water and that seemed to do the trick. As soon as I rinsed, I could tell this shampoo really did do what it promised in the detangle department. I can't say that I didn't condition afterward, but I used a lighter one that I usually have to follow up with a leave-in post shower. This time, I didn't have to. The detangling effect held true. I used it Saturday as well and was still pleased with the product. Call me crazy, but when I woke up on Saturday, my hair seemed less oily too. That's a checkmark in the Pro column for sure. Long story short, I liked the shampoo, enjoyed the smell, but the consistency takes some getting used to. It left my hair feeling clean and light without drying it out. I'll consider purchasing the full size product.

Photo from Birchbox
After my morning shower I continued with my routine and did my makeup. I already planned my outfit around the Sumita eyeliner and I was really looking forward to seeing how it performed throughout the day. Usually by mid afternoon, my black smudge eyeliner has indeed smudged in some capacity. I was impressed by the way this one held firmly in place. I checked on the progress periodically throughout the day and when I realized it was staying put, I forgot about it until the evening. It came off easily enough with my makeup remover and I can definitely say I'm replacing my old olive green liner with this one. I may even give a few other shades a try. This is a product you want in your makeup bag.

Photo from Birchbox
Lastly, the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peal for sensitive skin. I first used this Friday night and while I wasn't overly impressed with it, it did leave my skin feeling pretty soft afterward. It didn't tingle, but I did feel a warming sensation as it dried. I used it again on Sunday night, applying just a little bit more than I did on Friday, and I only felt a tingling on a small area where I had a bit of broken skin and it wasn't uncomfortable. I like the fact that it's organic, but I'm not sure if I'll see any benefits from using this product long term. I will absolutely commit to using the deluxe sample until it's gone, but I'm still unsure if I'll be willing to purchase the full size product.


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