Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Niles Flea Market

The Niles Flea Market is a Fremont summer staple. Shop owners push their antiques out into the street, normal Joes bring their vintage worldly possessions to try to sell them for a pretty penny, and homeowners in the neighborhood drag out their trash treasures because the hoards of people roaming the streets make for ideal conditions for garage sales. At the very least, they're selling bottles of ice cold water for a buck or two and there are even a few ambitious folks who try to sell their homemade soaps and crafts.

One booth on the main street was The Curvy Elle. I've known Laurel pretty much my entire life, so when she posted she was going to have a pop-up shop there, I knew I had to stop in and say hello. You can see some of her items for sale here and I have to say I absolutely LOVE this Lips & Lashes tee. I have to commend her for her efforts because it's certainly not easy to get out there while it's still dark out, set up an entire booth, stay there all day long in the heat, and then break it all down at the end of the day. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

The die hard antique hunters are out there ignoring the cold and searching for that special find with flashlights well before the crack of dawn, and likely before everyone is done setting up, in hopes of finding the best items first. The hustle and bustle certainly doesn't stop when the sun comes up as there were plenty of people driving in when I went. Parking is an issue if you don't want to pay $5 for it, but lucky for me, I already had a driveway parking spot reserved. So, when I leisurely arrived at noon, it was easy peasy.

I wasn't going with the intent of buying anything, but of course I came home with something. Two somethings, really. While I was sauntering down the main street, an adorable little girl looked up at me with her big brown eyes and asked me every so politely if I'd like to look at their feather jewelry. I simply could not say no. There were some ridiculously cute crocheted baby items in there that I instantly wanted to buy for my cousin's new baby, but I had a feeling she wouldn't have even used them. So, I continued to browse the wall of jewelry and hair clips. Feather earrings aren't exactly my style, but the feather that was peaking out of the dainty flower hair clip was so understated that I was opening my wallet before I could think twice about it. Sneaky schemes sending out a bright-eyed child to lure in unsuspecting shoppers!

The other item was a vintage cat pin complete with googly eyes. The owner said it was likely from the 1950s and at $10, I was sold. It had a good weight to it and it just plain made me smile.
I know it seems silly, but it was totally worth it to me. Cataract googly eyes and all. 

I've always had a love for "old" things, so the Niles Flea Market is right up my alley...and hey, sometimes you find the most unexpected treasures. 


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