Thursday, August 15, 2013


I am so in love with Birchbox. I was hoping it wasn't going to be one of those things where I fall in love with the first one and the second one leaves much to be desired. Quite the opposite. This month's box contained:

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel 
ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in Dusk Till Dawn
Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Hansa (Olive Green)
Miss Jessie's Original Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo

First of all, Miss Jessie must know I have an affinity for alliteration, so that means I like it already! I'll be sampling that sudsy shampoo first thing tomorrow morning. I'm hoping it conquers the tangles like the description says it does. We shall see! If not, then I'll just have to spritz on some of the Prep & Protect leave-in conditioner from last month, which works wonders.

The people over at Birchbox must have heard me complaining the other morning that I couldn't find my olive eyeliner because they sent me one! I already tested it out on the back of my hand and it seems to have some staying power. I smudged some of it off immediately, but it's still holding it's own. I'll be sampling this one tomorrow morning, too. I already know it's going to glide right on, but I'm interested to see how it lasts on my lids as the day goes on and if it ends up all over the place. 

The first thing I pulled out of the box was the Juice Beauty apple peel. It's organic, which in my book is golden, and it smells delicious! Best of all, it's perfectly suited for sensitive-skinned gals like me! I'll be looking forward to using it for the first time tonight! Hopefully all goes well and it's 10 minutes well spent.

The Fresh Feet Wipes were so-so. I used one right away because I had been wearing my sparkly shoes and I figured my feet could use some freshening up. So I tore open a package, took a quick whiff of the wipe (it smells like peppermint!) and rubbed the bottoms of my feet down. These are alcohol free, but it didn't take long for my feet to dry. They did the job they were intended to do and I was left with clean feet. As an added bonus, my soles seemed to be a little softer than they were before. The only downside was that I felt like my feet were internally tingling for at least half and hour after using it. The best description I can give is that my feet felt restless. I likened it to the "energizing" quality of Mary Kay's Mint Bliss lotion for legs and feet. So, even though my feet feel soft, I'm not sure I care for the tingles it leaves behind. 

Lastly, the Party Proof Lipstick. I always smell lipstick before I try it on. If it smells bad, I'm not using it, so I popped the top and inhaled. I was pleasantly surprised to be met with a scent that was reminiscent of a rollerball strawberry lipgloss I once used many years ago. Interestingly enough, my mom had the same feeling from when she was younger. We both tried on the neutral matte shade, but it looked far different on her than it did on me. My lips seemed to be a little more on the pink side, while hers seemed to have a twinge of orange, but it complimented both of us nicely! Besides the scent of nostalgia, the lipstick really moisturized my lips. I didn't even have to apply any chapstick first, which is what I usually have to do. The result was great and the color is still going strong hours later. No complaints here! 

I was pleased that this month's box made it to me far more quickly than last month and I'm really excited to try the rest of the products. I'm convinced I should just be a professional beauty products tester. It might just be my calling.


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