Monday, August 5, 2013

Art & Wine

Call it what you want to call it, but I will only ever call it the Fremont Art & Wine Festival. I'll likely drop off the "Fremont" part unless you aren't from the area, but anyone who actually calls it the Fremont Festival of the Arts is obviously a newbie. 

Moving on...

I spent not one, but TWO days at the festival. I went with my parents on Saturday morning, which proved to be beneficial because I walked away with a sweet new Bailey of Hollywood fedora style hat that my mom so graciously bought for me.

Bailey of Hollywood
I stopped at a killer t-shirt booth and bought a super soft silkscreen T made by Headband Apparel (they're on Facebook). All of the screen printing is done in Downtown LA, the vintage designs are great, and I really liked the fact that the artist, Damien Le Ballister, included some his own designs as well. Not to mention that they've been selling some at ModCloth, which I think is a pretty big deal. I loved my shirt so much that I wore it to the festival the following day when I went back with my seester. 

I knew I had to make a stop there again, not only because I wanted to show Damien how much I loved my new shirt already, but also because there was another tank I couldn't get out of my head. In fact, I actually had a dream that he had sold out of nearly every top there, so I was a little anxious to get back, but I kept my cool and moseyed through the booths. As we leisurely strolled I got just about as many compliments on my shirt as I did on my hat the day before! I was a walking advertisement and I made sure I directed everyone to his booth. It's just such a shame that I can't get away with wearing them at work! I literally want to live in these shirts. I had to rein in my urge to buy one of everything, but I have a feeling I'll be looking for a way to add to my collection in the future. 


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