Thursday, July 11, 2013


Every so often I get a little unsettled. A little anxious. A little restless. Usually it comes at a time when I want to flee from my life. That may explain the recent dreams I've been having about being chased by a serial killer. Watching Dexter certainly doesn't help either, but I'm clearly avoiding something in my waking life. Ever since I went on my Delaware/Jamaica trip, I've been entertaining the idea of moving somewhere. Anywhere. It seems like a fun, but scary opportunity to do something new. Even though taking such a huge risk like that is terrifying. Especially so since I wouldn't have the support system of my family there with me.

I've been wanting to move back to LA ever since I left, but I've never mustered up the courage to do so. While there's no harm in applying for jobs and such, I'd really like to give acting a shot down there. Unfortunately, unless I book something incredible, I have to navigate the muddy waters of having a day job and trying to juggle auditions. Basically, if I want to survive, I have to resort to working as a waitress or something of that sort. Something that does not appeal to me in the slightest. So what's a girl to do?

Well, I've decided to start looking at jobs within the Industry that aren't specific to acting, like Administrative or Executive Assistant positions. Maybe what I want isn't to be in front of the camera, but just to be involved in that creative atmosphere. Or maybe I'm just trying to fool myself into thinking that and using it as an excuse to go down there. I haven't really figured it out myself. I just know that LA has been in my heart for quite some time now and I've never given it a real shot.

So, is it time now? According to my monthly horoscope, Jupiter is in Cancer for the next year, which apparently means that I'm going to have "opportunities galore" and ones that could prove to be profitable. Who knows if it's true, but it's nice to think that it could be. Only time will tell! Until then, I'm exploring my options and hoping my ability to communicate in an effective, sophisticated way will help further myself.


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