Thursday, July 25, 2013

Twinkle Toes

I love going shopping with my mom for so many reasons. For one thing, she always finds at least one item that I simply cannot live without. And sometimes, if I'm lucky, she might even surprise me by buying me said item right then and there. This was the case for these sparkly little shoes!

Initially I walked right by them, but she made sure I tried them on even if it was "just for fun." In my experience, those are often the things that work out the best. It was love at first step. I knew I couldn't put them back. I tried on another pair in a different color by another brand (they were seriously the same exact shoe), but they weren't as cute as the nude ones. I just felt pretty wearing these (even though the color in the photo didn't translate very well). And as soon as I wore them outside, I smiled even bigger. Having something on your feet that is sparkly without being gaudy is strangely gratifying.

I think I may need to buy another pair for when these ones quit on me...which hopefully won't be for quite some time.


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