Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So Call Me Maybe

So I didn't get a callback for the audition I went on last week, but I'm viewing it as a blessing in disguise. With the recent BART strike, getting to the city on Monday would have been a complete and utter nightmare. And even though it may not have reached levels of Carmageddon in LA when a significant portion of the 405 was shut down, it would have been close. So, while I kicked some serious butt and showed off my wicked knitting skills, I guess I just didn't have the face they were looking for. Maybe I was too young to realistically be a part of a knitting circle, but hey, I tried. And I've rekindled my knitting obsession. Although with this recent heat, it's not exactly ideal to have a pile of yarn sitting on your lap. C'est la vie. At least I know I'll be ready for winter.

Anyway, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I'm just hoping to catch a break sometime soon. It'd be nice to walk out of an audition knowing I absolutely nailed it. I thought the group I auditioned with was great, but I might be slightly biased. Would you believe, though, that I actually made friends with the other girl in the group who was my age? Yes, you read that right. I made a friend. A GIRL friend. A nice change from the usual males who want to "be friends." Even though neither one of us got a call back (the jury is still out on our older friends in the group), we decided to hang out some more since both of our schedules were wide open. So, Sami and I went to lunch at Thirsty Bear Brewery, enjoyed an organic beer, ate kale salads, and shared some flatbread and tapas. Lunch seemed to fly by and we ended up going shopping together! She had an audition that required business attire, so we hit the stores and looked for a business type dress. The first store was a bust, though I did walk away with a dress for a cocktail party I will be attending next weekend. I'm not completely sold on it, but we'll see. The second stop was like a gold mine. Every single dress that girl put on looked fantastic. She had her pick, and she picked two! One for the audition, and one because it was too good to pass up and it's the perfect summertime dress.

From there we stopped into a deli in the Italian part of town, picked up a couple of beverages and stopped in at a park for a few minutes before parting ways. Sami was in a show, so she had to take off, and I ended up back at the shopping center near BART to kill a bit of time in case my Irishman was free after he got off work. Turns out he wasn't, so I dropped the knickers I was holding at Victoria's Secret and hopped on the next train to head home. Even though I didn't get to see him, I still had a fabulous day. I'm hoping I'll get to see Sami again sometime in the near future because she was a totally sweet girl and seemed to be pretty easy going like I am. As long as my anti-socialness doesn't flare up again, I should be alright.


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