Friday, July 19, 2013

Simple Pleasures

This weekend I'm looking forward to the heat. I'd be looking forward to it even more if I knew where my darn pool key was. I'll find it eventually, but I may have to do some in depth spring cleaning to find where I relocated it to. Here are some things I'm enjoying.

A New Game
Yes, I censored a card...this game is not for the faint at heart.  
A couple of weekends ago I went to an impromptu BBQ. I wasn't planning on staying as late as I did, but we were having so much fun play Cards Against Humanity, that I couldn't bring myself to leave. Not to mention that I had a fighting chance at winning and my competitive nature was kicking in.

A Much Needed Reminder
Photo found here
I've been dealing with the drama surrounding my living situation for MONTHS. I'm quite fed up with most of it and I just want to get my July rent and my security deposit back. NOW. Besides that drama, I've been struggling with some other personal things, but I received a jolt of reality on my run this morning when I saw a young guy pushing a shopping cart down the street. He was likely a bit younger than I am, but he clearly has hit some hard times. It made me realize that what I'm going through isn't really that bad.

An Offer
I posted recently about how I was feeling unsettled and in turn I inquired to my LA friends about finding an agent down there. Of course it isn't an easy process. If it were, everyone would have one, but I have a sense of optimism because I have an agent up here and in my head it makes my chances of getting one in LA a little bit better. Don't get me wrong, I realize the SF and LA markets are two different beasts, but there's something inside me that thinks I could be an actor down there. Anyway, a friend of mine who works at a major studio offered to let me visit him on the lot. You know I jumped all over that one. All that's left is to figure out a time that works and I'll be there. In a heartbeat. Not to mention that another friend said he might be able to refer me to his agent. Now wouldn't that be wonderful?! That's not to say I'd be taken on with said agent, but I like the support I received from the whole thing. You know, after everyone told me it was incredibly difficult and all.


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