Friday, July 5, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Is it just me, or does today kind of feel like a Monday? Thankfully it's not, but a midweek break always throws me off a bit. Another thing that is throwing me off this morning is that it seems to be the end of the heatwave we've been having lately. I was mentally prepared to suffer through the sweltering heat by sitting in air conditioning all day, but it looks like I won't have to.

Moderate Temperatures

It's definitely a relief to have a break from the heat, but I'm hoping it will be warm enough for me to lay out by the pool this weekend. I'd like to work on my tan. Too bad the weather people can't get their act together and agree on whether it's going to be 72 degrees or 82 degrees because that's a pretty significant difference.

A Fair Fortune

Now I know that not everyone is naturally attracted to me, but when people are, I can usually tell. Whether or not I acknowledge it (at least from the males), is a completely different story.

Impulse Buy

StyleMint has a way of making me spend money. Maybe that's why I keep skipping each month without looking at their new styles. This time, however, they got me with a super sale. Take an extra 50% of a sale item. I was done. And I walked away with another black shirt. The zipper detail on the back was what really sold me. Haven't received it yet, but I'll be looking forward to getting it soon!


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