Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Run With Me.

Prior to this morning, it had been AGES since I had gone on a run. To be honest, I think the last time I ran was when I was going to the gym and that membership has long since been cancelled. After I registered my dad for the Big Sur International Marathon on Monday, I was motivated to start running again. While I certainly wasn't considering running alongside with him (at least not at this point), I was starting to remember how great of shape I was once in. I know I don't look bad, but I know I can look better. And I'm tired of sitting around on my tiny tushy and thinking I'll wake up one morning and want to run. I knew I just had to suck it up and DO.IT.

Since I was too sleep deprived on Monday, running after work was clearly out of the question. Tuesday morning, wasn't even in consideration because I'm playing catch up with my sleep, so I made Wednesday my start day. 551AM rolled around just as early as it always does and I instinctively hit the snooze button to get nine more minutes of zzz's. The second alarm sounded, I rolled out of bed, grabbed my shoes, dusted them off, slapped on that knee brace, threw on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt, brushed my teeth, guzzled down some water, pulled my hair up into a pony tail, and went on my way. 

Down the stairs and towards the exit gate I went, pumped up that I managed to even make it out of bed at that time, let alone follow through on my plans to run. My route was mapped out in my mind, but once I got out there, I was hit with the realization that I was going to be dead tired by the time I reached that bridge out in the distance. Every heavy step that pounded the pavement was one more closer, but my lead filled legs were begging me to stop. My lungs were especially tight (a combination of asthma, allergies, and just plain being out of shape, I'm sure) and the wheezing was audible. It barely seemed like I was making progress but I trudged on, determined to make it to my goal. My speed towards the end left much to be desired, but I'm proud to say I didn't stop to walk. I refused to. There would be no walking until I reached the end - the bridge.

Tears were streaming down my face from the head wind, I desperately needed to spit (though I didn't), and my ears were killing me from the cool air, but I kept my head down, focused on my breathing, and FINALLY reached my destination. That was when I took a quick breather, stretched my calves, and waited for the traffic to pass before crossing the road to go back. From that point on, it was a combination of running and walking. I mean, I wasn't trying to burn myself out after one stinking morning! I need to stay dedicated to this exercise business. Total distance on my run/walk? 2.5 miles. Okay, fine. It was 2.49, but I'm rounding up. So sue me. My fitness level is slightly disappointing (though I wasn't expecting it to be fabulous), but I have some work to do. And I'm going to keep on doing it.


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