Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Potential Purchase

To date, the largest purchases I've made have been my initial Mary Kay consultant order (I ordered WAY too much inventory), my iBook (may she rest in peace), and my MacBook Pro (totally worth the money). I would have added "Condo" to that list, but let's face it, it just wasn't meant to be. Since my house buying plans are currently on hold, I've been entertaining the idea of buying a new car. And by new, I mean previously owned, or a previous dealer rental or demo with low miles.

I'd tell you how many years I've been driving my car, but it'd be far to easy to do the math and reveal my true age. I mean, God forbid you actually know how old I am. So, all you need to know is my car is 15 years old and I've been driving it since I was 16. Fair? It'll just have to do for now.

I've been quite diligent with my money, even though lately I've been splurging a bit here and there, but I'm itching to get a new vehicle. The clear coat on my front bumper is peeling, I have a cracked tail light, and even though the tires and struts are new, I think it may be time to move on from my little Veronica. One of the hardest things for me to do is let go of my stuff. I'm sure there's a deep-seated reason for this, or maybe I just like my things, but it's HARD for me to purge my worldly possessions. I'm not sure I could handle watching someone else drive my zippy old car around town. I might get too nostalgic. We've had some great times together. Although, a new ride could be just what I need to move forward with my life. Whatever the reasoning behind me getting a new car, I've decided that it's okay that I want something new. There's nothing wrong with it. Of course once I get to looking, I end up wanting the best of the best, but hey, I've got great taste. I know my limits and most of the cars I'm looking at now are plausible options

The first car I was entertaining the thought of buying was a 2000 Camaro. Owned by family friends, it has low miles, is in impeccable shape, and, wait for's a convertible. *swoon* Only problem is that they wanted more for it than I was really wanting to spend. So I put in my offer, and if they can't sell it for what they want for it, they may revisit the notion of selling to me. Fingers are crossed. Tightly.

Photo found here
Then, I started thinking about a Mustang. I've been driving a Ford around for years, so why not? Not to mention that the first car I ever really wanted WAS a Mustang. I had a poster over my bed for years, which eventually turned into a framed picture. The guy down the street is selling his Cobra, but I'm pretty sure that one is out of my price range. So, I thought about a newer used model. They're under 20 grand, but still more than I'd like to spend.

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Of course then I see a sporty little Subaru BRZ and now I'm suddenly thinking it's okay to spend $25000+ on a car.

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I won't do it, but it's so darn cute. And then I think, if I'm going to spend that much, I might as well get a car I've been drooling over for years now. A Challenger.

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I just can't help it, I like sporty cars. I'm just not a 4-door car kinda girl. Never have been, never will be. Unless of course it's an SUV, and then that's a completely different story.


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