Monday, July 1, 2013

Internet Silence and Back Again

I've been seriously unmotivated when it comes to writing lately. Last week I kept trying to put a post together, but I couldn't seem to finish up any of them even though I've been doing some exciting things lately. I'm just going to chalk it up to PMS. TMI? I'm a girl. It happens. Get over it.

Anyway, I'm back up from feeling down and I have plenty of things to write about now. Like, how I spent hours and hours rollerblading through Golden Gate Park.

Yes, you read that right. ROLLERBLADES. Don't scoff at the blades...I know it's been years since you ever even thought about donning a pair, but it was ridiculously fun and you should dust yours off and go for a whirl. For me it was like I had never taken them off. I was twirling around like I used to all those years ago and racing down hills like I was fearless. Thankfully I wasn't thinking about the hills I was flying down because if I had, I would've certainly scared myself into braking throughout the entire descent.

The windmill near the beach.
We saw all kinds of great things while we were there, including buffalo! They have fly fishing ponds, soccer fields (or as he calls it, football fields), they even have a carousel! We cruised around the polo field, which we figured was about a mile around, and maintained a good speed while we climbed hills, gauged grades, and kept our eyes peeled for road hazards. We even made it over to the beach for a few minutes. And even though we didn't take our skates off, we took in the sights of rugby matches, soccer games, and skated along to some music. Overall, a fantastic day. By the time we rolled up to the car, our legs were like jelly. We finished the excursion off at a Jamba Juice before heading back to the Inner Sunset where we spent the rest of the day sitting outside, drinking wine, listening to music, and having a grand ol' time hanging out in the sun.


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