Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 2

Anyone who tells you, "It gets easier," is lying to you. At least when talking about the first week of exercising. Quite frankly, Day 2 is harder than Day 1. Why? Because on Day 2, you're still in terrible shape, but this time you have to deal with achy, sore muscles and any pains that weren't really present prior to exercising. It's Day 1, but worse.

I could feel my legs aching before I even made a serious attempt to get out of bed. It was one of those mornings when I just really wanted to sleep (okay fine, that's every morning), but I knew if I ditched today I wouldn't go back out. It'd be a one-time run and I'd have nothing to show for it but a mild limp and awkward movements when descending stairwells. So I did my run again. I changed up the routine just a bit since my knee is apparently in protest of this whole running business, despite wearing the brace. I kept the initial warm-up walk, but then alternated between running and walking in Fartlek fashion. You can giggle, it's fine. It does sound like Fart Lick after all. Anyway, needless to say I didn't feel quite like I was dying this time around when I wrapped up my routine, though I definitely still pushed myself.

I'm not expecting tomorrow to be any easier either. Now that my dad knows I'm running again, I'm pretty sure that's motivation in and of itself. The last thing I want to do is have my dad ask if I ran and then have to tell him I slacked off because I wanted to sleep in instead. It's easier just to keep with it. Besides, it's good to have some accountability. Anyway, here's hoping that at this time next week I'll be feeling less like an old woman and more like an energetic 20-something.


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