Monday, June 3, 2013

Vertigo, A Case of the Sober Spins

This past weekend I experienced vertigo for the first time. No, not the infamous Hitchcock flick, but actual vertigo. Or what I like to call it...sober spins.

It was a revelation I would have preferred not to have had at 2AM, but when nature calls at that hour, you have to answer. Or at least I do. So, I stumbled to the bathroom, attributing the lack of balance for grogginess, and when I returned to the comfort of my king size bed I was met with the unsettling feeling that I was on a fast whirling merry-go-round. Had I been drinking heavily that night, I wouldn't have been surprised by the feeling, but since I had barely consumed half of the beer I opened to drink while I ate my pizza for dinner, I was confused...and disoriented. So I did what I do when I've had a bit too much to drink and I try to control it until I can get past the inevitable motion-sickness and I fall asleep. I was successful, but I wasn't much better in the morning because merely turning over made it start all over again. I decided I could shake it off and overcome it, so I got out of bed and decided to get ready for the day. I made it to the shower (looking back, it probably wasn't exactly the best and brightest idea to take a shower while I was dizzy), but as I washed my hair, I realized I wasn't doing so great. Then, while I was drying my hair, I actually became nauseous from moving my head. It was a new type of motion-sickness I had never experienced before. That's when I realized vertigo was no joke. So, I put on my super-comfy-crazy-soft C&C pants, my orange and pink tie-dyed StyleMint T, and my favorite permanently borrowed hoodie and crawled back into bed. I was out like a light for two hours. I felt slightly better when I awoke, but I was so weak I barely moved from my new location on the couch. It was a day filled with leftover pizza and endless streaming Netflix. I did manage to be somewhat productive by paying a few bills online, but my computer time was seriously short since I could barely focus on the screen. By the time bedtime rolled around, I was exhausted. It's amazing how tired one's back becomes from staying horizontal on the couch for 10+ hours. Luckily I'm feeling much better today. Though I'm still not 100%, I'd say it's a vast improvement from yesterday. I mean, today, I at least knew I was still capable of driving without endangering others. I'm just hoping I don't have to go through that again any time soon. The next time I lie down and feel like I'm spinning, I hope it's from twirling around in the grass or from having just one too many, not from an inner ear issue. 


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