Thursday, June 13, 2013


It's literally only been 15 minutes and I'm already hooked on this app my seester shared with me. It's called ToonCamera. Basically, all of your dreams about becoming a cartoon character are going to come true. And if you didn't have the dream before, you'll have it now. Not only can you take photos with it and use existing photos in your library, but you can RECORD VIDEO.

I discovered this feature completely by accident, which is apparent from the terribly unexciting video above. But seriously, the video function takes cool to a whole new level. And it's FREE. As in, you don't even have to fork out a paltry $0.99 to get this puppy...well, at least it was free today.

I cartooned this photo from an earlier post
Sitting poolside
Me and my great aunt
And this photo of me and my seester
I'm going to literally waste countless hours using this app. I thought Candy Crush was going to destroy my life, but I think this one is going to be just as useful in contributing to my lack of productivity on a daily basis. I'm not upset, I'm just going to have to learn some self-control. Until then, I'll be self-indulgent and cartooning myself, others, and my surroundings.



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