Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Pleasures

So I've ultimately decided that having a midweek day off really is pretty fantastic because I woke up this morning and was so thankful it was Friday and it barely felt like I worked all week. Don't be fooled by that statement because I worked my tushy off while I was at work...busy busy bee! Now that it's officially the first day of summer, here are some things I'm currently enjoying.

Bright Nails

This is the pedicure I got on Wednesday and it's so much fun to have a pop of color on my toes! Since I've been wearing solids the past couple of days, I've been showing off my salsa colored polish by wearing sandals. 

Kate Spade Bag

This was one of my impulse retail therapy buys and one of the last things I spent a significant amount of money on. I was going back and forth between wanting the bright Maraschino color or the softer Mint Cream. I ultimately went with the bolder color, because it seemed perfect for the season and at the time I wasn't sure I could pull of mint. Anyway, I tried to photograph this purse, but the color wasn't translating correctly, so I had to use a screenshot. You can find a similar clutch here.

Every since I bought these Sperry shoes, I've been dying to get another pair and I think I may have found them! Yes, they are ├╝ber preppy, but I think I'll be able to pull them off just fine. Besides, on the off chance I should ever be on a sailboat, I'll be ready.


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