Tuesday, June 11, 2013

See Me in Simi

Last week I took a few days off from work and had an extended weekend in Simi Valley. My mom, seester, and I had a little girls road trip down to visit my mom's aunt and cousins in SoCal. This was only my second time there, but after the first trip three years ago I found myself wondering why we had never been there before! Such a shame.

It was the perfect weekend with the exception of being woken up at 630AM by the hotel fire alarm on our first morning there. No one argued with each other, we had coffee by the pool, my mom did shots of tequila (okay, they were sipped), and we took in a Dodgers game and enjoyed the Friday night fireworks show. Her cousin even invited my sis and I back and said we could stay there if we decided not to do a tropical vacation in October. It's tempting since he did say he'd take us dirt bike riding.

Poolside coffee session.
Root, root, root for the home team.
First time inside Dodger stadium
Giant bobblehead? Of course I'll pose next to it!
Selfies...it's what we do.
My new scarf I bought to keep me warm. I didn't put on my new blue sweater until later.

My mom packed a Dodger blue shirt without knowing we were going to the game. Only her. 
Drinks are on the house
I love my great aunt!
Yeti, the tireless dog. We played catch ALL day long! 
Cash, the friendly Boxer
I already miss southern California. I was more than a little melancholy when we were driving home, although at least part of the reason I was so quiet was because I was a sleep deprived. Despite not sleeping well, I can at least look back at memories and know I had an amazing time with family. I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to see them!


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