Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orange You Glad?

I'm already loving my spontaneous Sun Safety Kit purchase from Sephora, but what I didn't mention was that I also have a habit of spending $50 at a time there. At least when it comes to online purchases. For some reason I've justified it to myself that I might as well fork over the extra money to get free shipping, even though I know it would've been cheaper to pay the $5.95 for shipping and pocket the extra dough. Quite frankly, it's usually only a matter of spending a few dollars and getting something in the sale section because my foundation costs so much, but now that I've conditioned myself to expect free shipping every time I shop at, I relinquished the extra money just because. I mean, I was already making an impulse buy...

Sephora is literally the only online shop that I can justify spending $19 on a nail polish...and then, only because my compulsive side expects free shipping. What kind of nail polish could possibly cost NINETEEEN dollars?!?


NARS Nail Polish Orgasm

I picked up a bottle in the company's arguably most famous hue - Orgasm. Since I had never tried their nail polish before, I figured the color was a safe bet. I love my blush, so why shouldn't I love this? In my opinion, it turned out to be a little less peachy-pink and a little more peachy-orange, but I'm not complaining. It's still a lovely color. And since I still needed one more dollar, I kept with the orange trend and...

I picked out a new, colorful eyeliner sharpener for $3. I needed a new one anyway since the one I currently have opens up and dumps the shavings all over the place at the most inconvenient times. This one is fantastic and does not! And what is a Sephora purchase if I can't get something extra?

Clinique 'Happy' Fragrance

I always see what types of beauty deals they have to offer, and this time I got a deluxe sample of Clinique Happy and of course the three regular samples that come with every order. Was I satisfied? Completely. My retail therapy felt great. I may have had a twinge of buyer's remorse initially after placing the order, but that quickly faded when Tom, the UPS driver, delivered the goods. And, it was a mere coincidence that everything just happened to be orange...I guess it was my color du jour!


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