Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

I don't generally watch "reality" TV (with the exception of Kristin's show that aired last year and the occasional Bachelor episode), but I'm seriously hooked on The Only Way is Essex. I don't know what it is about British television, but I just can't seem to help myself!

I've been watching for a quite a while, but when episodes suddenly stopped on Hulu, I had to resort to watching it online since I realized I wasn't up to date with the current season. After navigating through some questionable websites, I managed to find one that would let me stream all the episodes I needed. I'm sure I now have some kind of spyware embedded in my computer that is logging my every keystroke, but it was worth it. Now that Hulu is FINALLY streaming them again, I can *hopefully* get myself back up to date.

I'm not sure what I love most about this program, but it's definitely my guilty pleasure. I simply love the girls on this show. There's just something about the towering high heels, plastic surgery, blown out hair, and made up faces (complete with lush fake eyelashes) that won't let me tear myself away. Although it does bring out a superficial part of me that secretly thinks I should get a nose job and consider Botox in the near future (don't worry mom, I'm not getting Botox). So I have to watch with care or I suddenly become overly concerned about the way I look. Whether I'm admiring Lydia's ensembles, Lucy's gorgeous hair, or Chloe's sweet demeanor, I'm completely invested every time I watch an episode.

It makes me want to plan a trip to Essex and visit Minnie's Boutique, Bella Sorella, and Lauren's salon (if it were still open). They could turn me into an Essex girl in no time. I like to get dressed up and you know I love stilettos, so I'd fit right in! Well, after I donned my best push up bra to lift these tiny ta-tas of mine anyway. They could call the episode "An American in Essex." In my dreams! In the meantime, I'm diving in and enjoying as much of the drama as I can.


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