Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Retail Therapy

When I'm in turmoil, the only thing I want to do is SHOP. And usually that means online shopping because it's sneaky and less obvious. Retail therapy is especially dangerous for me because I have my credit card MEMORIZED. All of it. The entire sequence on the front, the security code on the back, the expiration date...the whole shebang. It's all stored away in a compartment of numbers I keep readily handy inside my brain. So last week, while I was dealing with the frustrations of realtor walk-throughs and open houses, I bought a few things I probably didn't really need. And it all started with a $30 item.

When the email for a Sun Safety Kit from Sephora showed up in my inbox, I was clicking the link and it was in my basket within moments. If there is one thing I have a hard time passing up, it's a deluxe sample (which is evident here and here). Even more so when there's a variety of deluxe samples. And for someone who doesn't necessarily believe in wearing sunscreen, this was an unusual purchase for me. In truth, the item that sealed the deal for me was the miniature Bare Minerals brush. Silly, I know.

There were some other really great products in the kit besides the Bare Minerals items, including a sunless tanner, a one-night instant glow body lotion by St. Tropez, various moisturizers with sunscreen, Smashbox foundation primer, and Dr. Brandt Signature Flexitone BB Cream (which I'm particularly excited to try). The sun wasn't out much on Monday, so I have yet to try out the products, but rest assured, a review will follow on the ones I use. This is going to be quite the experiment for me! Supposedly there were $210 worth of items in the bag, but with a price of $30, who could say no? Especially when it's noted that Sephora is donating $20 from every purchase to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Now that's a feel-good purchase completely devoid of buyer's remorse.


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