Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Juiced Up

Are you juicing? Because I am. And I don't mean steroids...I mean fruits and vegetables!

I've been wanting a juicer ever since I found a seemingly brand new Jack Lalanne juicer at a church yard sale a few years back. It was only $40, but I could tell it was a bit dated and for all I knew there was a newer, more efficient model out there. Had they taken $20 for it, I would've bought it anyway, but it just wasn't meant to be. Anyway, I've had a juicer stuck in the back of my mind since then, but it wasn't really too important. That is, until I was at Rachel's house in January and we made JUICE! From that moment on I was OBSESSED. Not just a little, but all I kept thinking about (and talking about) was how I wanted a juicer. 

When my birthday rolled around, I told my mom if I didn't find something I liked at the jewelry store, she could get me a juicer. Rachel had a Breville model, so I knew that would be sufficient, but I still had my eye on Jack Lalanne's version. Little did I know, my seester was planning on getting me a citrus juicer so I could continue to make orange juice and lemonade as I had been before (the one I had, I had to give back to its rightful owner). 

She decided to splurge on me, however, and got me what I really wanted! 

My first day using it, I was a little nervous because I had never juiced alone, but I read the pamphlet for the best ways to get the most juice out of your greens (in this case spinach) and I was super happy with the results. 

When all was said and done (and after I mixed it with a spoon), the juice looked a little, um, brownish. Anyone who has basic color theory knowledge knows that a muddy mess is to be expected when you mix secondary colors like orange and green together. Which is why the next time I went to the grocery store, I picked up some fresh beets. It greatly improves the color of the juice, making it look less like a disgusting greenish-brown liquid and more of a deep purple. 

I love my juice so much, I've been getting up EARLY so I can make a fresh batch in the morning! 


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