Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Words in my head, a song in my heart.

I started this post last week, but like so many other things, it was left unfinished. Hopefully I'll get it done this time!

Iris lyrics found here

If I'm being honest with myself, one of the first things I ever dreamed about being as a little girl was a singer. From there my dreams morphed into various other professions like being an astronaut, or a police officer, or an actress, an archeologist, a marine biologist, an architect...the list goes on. But that initial dream remained deeply ingrained in me.

I know I don't have a big voice, but I can carry a tune and I sing on a daily basis. With shows like Glee, Smash, and Nashville, I'm constantly inspired and American Idol makes me feel like I could make my little girl dream come true. 

I've been writing "lyrics" for quite some time now. Secretly of course. I dare not share anything with anyone because I don't want to hear if they're awful or not. I also use quotes because I'm the only one calling them lyrics. Others may just call them poems, but I beg to differ. Sometimes the words just come to me out of thin air while other times I hear a short tune and suddenly I've got a completely different song in my head and it's my own. It's more than just replacing words with an existing chorus, it's transforming a clip into something new. 

The hard part for me is completing a song. I have partial songs written in more places than I can count, but the ones that stick around in my head are the ones that really make progress. A lot of times it's nostalgia that triggers these lyrics to come out and it's my way of working through that nostalgia. I have a hard time letting go of certain things and writing them out in song form seems to help. I've even got some melodies floating around in my noggin. One of these days I'd like to sit down with someone and work on a song together. I'd even like to record it if it were good enough. Who knows if I'll ever have the opportunity to fulfill my wish, but it is nice to dream. In the meantime, who wants to start a band?!


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